Old Fashioned Cocktail Box (4 Cocktails, 12-14 Servings)

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Get boozy this Summer with America’s favorite new cocktail. Our classic Old Fashioned is a blend of Bourbon & Spanish brandy, the Starry Nights uses fresh mint and Jamaican overproof rum with Bourbon to give a unique twist, the El Silencio takes us over the border with Mezcal & chocolate bitters. Finally, the Amaro Old Fashioned is our bitter addition to the this group featuring, Jägermeister Amaro, Rye Whiskey & Maple. 

4 bottles, 3.5 servings each. 14 servings total

Classic SB Old Fashioned (3.5 Servings)

Wild Turkey Bourbon, Lustau Spanish brandy, Angostura bitters, demerara

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Starry Nights (3.5 Servings)

Wild Turkey Bourbon, Wray & Nephew Jamaican overproof rum, demerara, Angostura bitters, mint

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El Silencio (Mezcal) Old Fashioned

El Silencio "Espadin" Mezcal,  Cocao Bitters, Demerara

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Jägermeister Old Fashion (3.5 Servings)

Jägermeister Amaro, Rye Whiskey, maple syrup , Angostura Chocolate bitters.

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