Staff Favorites Cocktail Box (6 Cocktails, 12-18 Servings)

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Service Bar’s favorite cocktail box. All carbonated, refreshing, and distinctly delicious cocktails, enjoy two bottles each Costa del Sol Gin & Tonic, Rosé All Day, and Italian Bubble Coat.

6 bottles, 2 servings each. 12 servings total.

Costa del Sol Gin and Tonic (2 Servings) × 2

Tanqueray gin, meyer lemon, salted grapefruit, Fino Sherry, house tonic

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Rosé All Day (2 Servings) × 2

Tanqueray gin, Combier rose, cranberry, lemongrass, clarified grapefruit and lime (carbonated)

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Rhubarb Vodka Soda

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